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Susan (Psychic Clairvoyant Mediu) received 100 % positive reviews (17 avis reçus)

Lost love
Thanks Susan for the reading this afternoon , i was very impressed by what you told me. I hope what you saw about my ex is real and your prediction comes to fruition. I will keep you updated. I feel full of hope for the future.
Review published by marciacaldwell, on 15/01


Psychic Rose (Love and Relationship Gui) received 100 % positive reviews (4 avis reçus)

A very Good Reading
The reading was really good and I think she understood my question however one statement was incorrect I said I think he doesn't love me like he says he do. Not that I love him more then he loves me.
Review published by gennethel46, on 11/01

Psychic Rose

Sarika (Psychic Love Expert) received 100 % positive reviews (18 avis reçus)

Very Impressed
This Lady was very good and spot on with the E mail Reading .From my past and described the recent situations in my life. Very accurate and positive. Highly Recomended
Review published by mondeoman66, on 07/01


Madhur Gupta (Psychic Expert Love Matte) received 100 % positive reviews (12 avis reçus)

Relationship reading
The reading was very good although it was short just because I got everything I asked for. It was concise and provided me some information to look at the situation at a different angle. Thanks a lot!
Review published by gorelik79, on 20/12

Madhur Gupta

Crystal (Spiritual Consultant) received 100 % positive reviews (7 avis reçus)

Although I asked for a general reading she picked up on a past relationship and did just mainly speak about it. Although what she said for correct I didn't really want to go over old ground. A lot of pauses with the reading and things being dropped in the background.(I think she may have been cleaning while reading for me).
Review published by roxanne02, on 29/11


Gaurav (Psychic Master) received 72.7 % positive reviews (5 avis reçus)

was terrible
Kept asking if I was there after I had asked questions. Stalling and I ended chat early. I only wanted one question answered was very hesitant and not good at all in fact I could give better readings without any ability
Review published by sarahmcf, on 21/11


Richard (Psychic Clairvoyant Mediu) received 100 % positive reviews (2 avis reçus)

General Reading
Dear Richard, thank you for taking the time in accepting my chat reading request. I look forward my special day tomorrow and I will keep you updated about what happened. It was a pleasure chatting with you!
Review published by carol121, on 04/11


Christine (Natural Empath Psychic ) received 100 % positive reviews (2 avis reçus)

Christine Always Has The Answers
You always have the answers! Thank you for taking my reading and giving me the powerful insight concerning my current relationship status. You took the time to explain each card and I am overjoyed to see how this weekend will play out. Your wonderful advice gives me the confidence I needed! Talk soon x
Review published by rachelstars, on 25/10


Insight by Sabrina (Love Master Psychic Exper) received 100 % positive reviews (1 avis reçus)

I've had a reading done before but never one that was so in depth and pinpointed the things that I specifically needed to know at this point in my life. Sabrina is absolutely brilliant at what she does and I couldn't have picked a better reader.
Review published by mishmagic915, on 06/10

Insight by Sabrina
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