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Paul Knight (Psychic Clairvoyant) received 100 % positive reviews (26 avis reçus)

These things happen
One of the main reasons for contacting Paul was that I needed a boost so to speak. I had a friend on life support in hospital< and has recently passed away>. So Paul was very pleasant and sympathetic ,but although very good, for the value of a FULL reading I feel that for around 6 to 10 lines, was not much value, BUT in all fairness to Paul I feel that he didn't have much to go on. Best Wishes Paul and Thank you
Review published by peterbrian, on 10 hours

Paul Knight

Angel (Love Expert Psychic Clair) received 100 % positive reviews (15 avis reçus)

Love and career
Very helpful beautiful soul everything spot on very refreshing angel gave me the confidence I was missing and I was so happy and impressed going to take every advise given to me by her and see what happenes
Review published by tammyt1234, on 2 days


Sonia (Clairvoyant Psychic and T) received 100 % positive reviews (2 avis reçus)

This lady is remarkable, she got to the root of my problem within minutes and gave good advise. She is very intuitive and she picked up on how I was feeling before I mentioned what was going on. She his very polite and does not waste any time. I strongly recommend her
Review published by nasrin00, on 2 days


Psychic Tahir (Psychic Clairvoyant Mediu) received 100 % positive reviews (4 avis reçus)

Very kind and warm reader
Tahir was very kind and warm, he listened to my questions and helped me work through them. I felt at ease with him straight away. I think he is genuine and wants to help people, I would speak to him again.
Review published by anastasia1111, on 2 weeks

Psychic Tahir

Madhur The Mystic Sage . (Life Path Reader) received 94.3 % positive reviews (19 avis reçus)

Great reading
He is very good at engaging with people and make you feel like he is on your side. He also listens to your story well so you really feel like you're listened to. Would highly recommend him.
Review published by sunny210, on 2 weeks

Madhur The Mystic Sage .

*Maria (Clairsentient Astrologist) received 25 % positive reviews (2 avis reçus)

She seemed distracted
She said hi then asked me to wait for quite a while - I thought she'd disappeared. Then she Seemed to take ages to reply and the answers were vague. Poor value as my money ran out and she barely said anything!
Review published by new25ton, on 4 weeks


Catherine (Gifted Psychic Reader) received 100 % positive reviews (1 avis reçus)

Very satisfied with the reading
Catherine picked up my concerns straight away. The connection was not very good though. She gave overview of everything bothering me at present without any prompting on my side. Very satisfied and will be in touch again!
Review published by gorelik79, on 1 month


Sarika (Psychic Love Expert) received 96.8 % positive reviews (37 avis reçus)

Last reading feedback
Your predictions were 100% accurate . The response I received was not in my favour just like you said in the email reading of 14/09/2017. I respect you for your honesty reading. Thank you Sarika
Review published by rosita458, on 1 month


Advisor Adeline (Psychic, Clairvoyant, Lov) received 100 % positive reviews (6 avis reçus)

Review on Adeline Psychic adviser
I felt that Adline was very accurate with what she told me and has giving me some guidance in how to move forward regarding my relationship in general.I highly recommend her. I also felt her energy when she was giving me her energy to enable a positive outcome with the next time i meet up with my ex.
Review published by funkydread, on 1 month

Advisor Adeline

Psychic Giana (Gifted Psychic Reader) received 100 % positive reviews (3 avis reçus)

love Gaina
giana is such a nice lady. it was very relaxing to talk to her, she is very positive and helpful...i am def coming back again because she truly connects with you
Review published by dalqad97, on 1 month

Psychic Giana

Teresa (Psychic Clairvoyant Mediu) received 100 % positive reviews (2 avis reçus)

Not very insightful
Not very in depth. Gave a little direction but nothing of great substance. Disappointing Had much more detailed readings previously. Lots of errors in the text too.
Review published by alina26, on 2 months


Tony Master of the Stars (Psychic Soulmate Speciali) received 100 % positive reviews (2 avis reçus)

Satisfied 😀
Very pleased with the reading, well worth every penny, am always pleased with the advice provided and will defo follow will defo use this reader again thank you
Review published by mustafa1, on 4 months

Tony Master of the Stars

Nina (Lifetime Guide) received 100 % positive reviews (2 avis reçus)

excelante reading
helpful and full of knowledge, she doesn't need a lot of info to know whats going on. as soon ad i spoke to her she knew what was going on with me and my problems. cant wait to talk to her again and get some more guidance thank you
Review published by taniasofia81, on 4 months


Insight by Sabrina (Love Master Psychic Exper) received 100 % positive reviews (2 avis reçus)

Insigth by Sabrina about read my life
Madame Insight by Sabrina, Thanks for your patience and your time to call from faraway. I do appreciate it. Insight by Sabrina wow.... wow.... was amazing ,Good and open minded Heart. She is very Good , very Honest about everything she talk. I felt very happy and confidante after her talk. I will recommend. Many Thanks
Review published by foster8090, on 6 months

Insight by Sabrina

Susan (Psychic Clairvoyant Mediu) received 100 % positive reviews (19 avis reçus)

soothing calming very intuitive and wise lady
Thank you Susan for your very sound advice, you felt instinctively the issues that were bothering me and you absolutely calmed and reassured me in such a very caring way so that I now feel I am making choices in certain areas correctly where I had doubt. My conversation with you felt so natural, like chatting to a lifelong friend! What a gift you have and what a beautiful spirit (and very beautiful on the outside too from your photo...). Thank you so much for giving me your time, thought, insight and wisdom x
Review published by mlettington, on 7 months

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