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Kim Lessage (Clairvoyant Psychic Mediu) received 100 % positive reviews (15 avis reçus)

I bought a 20 minute reading and was cut off about 5 minutes into thr reading. Not my fault. They call you from france so it was theur fault but they kept mist if my payment. Bad customer care. Badically made to feel like a liar. A reading requires a connection so refunding a small amount of money is bad form. After sending numerous emails and answerung 100s if qyestions they only gace me back some of my money. Only a quarter if the readi g took place. Yes not kims fault as she is good but people need to know how tje company operates
Review published by sam1934, on 16/03

Kim Lessage

Crystal (Spiritual Consultant) received 100 % positive reviews (10 avis reçus)

phone reading
Crystal was very good and honest with me :) She gave me some hope for my future and told me to relax and stop being so hard on myself! She also helped me out with couple of questions about love! Deffo recommend her!
Review published by ouzo123, on 20/03


Paul Knight (Psychic Clairvoyant) received 100 % positive reviews (22 avis reçus)

Nice guy
Confused a little however gave me clarity on my situation. He was clear and was honest same we ran out of time. He was profession and direct and that sometimes hurts but it's good to be honest and not lead and he does it in a way not hurting you
Review published by nileshbhudia, on 17/03

Paul Knight

Madhur Gupta (Psychic Expert Love Matte) received 93.2 % positive reviews (16 avis reçus)

Great Support
Madhur is great at listening to you and knowing instantly the problems you face. He will give you the best advice and you will never forget what he is saying. He helps in the worst relationship situation and will help you get through it. You can be crying and he will know what you are thinking and feeling. My advice is to take his advice and you will slowly heal in any pain.
Review published by taireen, on 17/03

Madhur Gupta

Sarika (Psychic Love Expert) received 95.1 % positive reviews (24 avis reçus)

We had connection problems which didnt help but I felt as if I was being asjed questions and given stock answerers,. There seemed to be no psychic answers as such so although I got the,answers I wanted to hear I felt like anyone could have just repeated them back to me .at least I was only charged 75-p per minute
Review published by loulizell, on 08/03


*Maria (Clairsentient Astrologist) received 100 % positive reviews (1 avis reçus)

Love and Family
Maria was intelligent warm and helpful. I would recommend her clear guidance. She was able to give concrete advice as to how to proceed. Also to give background to past life influences.
Review published by lambert54, on 25/02


Rita Morgan (Intuitive Tarot Reader) received 100 % positive reviews (6 avis reçus)

Very accurate, got my relationship problems straight away. Reassured me and made me feel a lot about what's happening. Gave me some great advice on developing my medium skills Great reading
Review published by lucylou, on 22/02

Rita Morgan

Psychic Rose (Clairvoyant Love Guide) received 100 % positive reviews (5 avis reçus)

You are amazing
Rose is honestly a sweetheart I phoned feeling rubbish and I was left with a big smile on my face after our reading. She gave me accurate answers and I have never felt more comfortable talking to a psychic Thank you again.
Review published by natalie623, on 14/02

Psychic Rose

Susan (Psychic Clairvoyant Mediu) received 100 % positive reviews (18 avis reçus)

Susan is first class
Another excellent reading. although it was my fault having trouble sending pics for the reading. Susan went into great detail of the past, present and future. Highly recommended !!
Review published by mondeoman66, on 15/01


Gaurav (Psychic Master) received 100 % positive reviews (4 avis reçus)

Cldnt connect on the phone after i paid so had an online chat which cost more
He took his time to give me a response, i am happy with what he said, I hope he is right. Not happy that i spent more than i wanted to do. I initially paid for the £1 for 10 minutes offer which ended being £3, then I couldn't connect which forced me to get an instant chat which cost £7.50 in the end. I wasn't really given much proof of his connection with me, however he did give me hope that all was going to be well.
Review published by helen69, on 16/11


Insight by Sabrina (Love Master Psychic Exper) received 100 % positive reviews (1 avis reçus)

I've had a reading done before but never one that was so in depth and pinpointed the things that I specifically needed to know at this point in my life. Sabrina is absolutely brilliant at what she does and I couldn't have picked a better reader.
Review published by mishmagic915, on 06/10

Insight by Sabrina

Psychic Victoria (Tarot Reader & Feng Shui) received 100 % positive reviews (1 avis reçus)

A True Gem My Dear Psychic Victoria!
Life takes it turns and I have been feeling lost on the love path to take and especially if it is the right choice. Psychic Victoria and her cards gave the assuring answer I was seeking, it is time to move on in life and create new memories! Thank you for valuable advice, I am ready with a smileon my face to move on.
Review published by rachelstars, on 07/09

Psychic Victoria
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